FYI module 1 – entrepreneurial mindset

The FYI workshop started with the module from Patrick Rammerstorfer this week. He was showing us how entrepreneurs can change their mindset through positive psychology. Patrick explained it with many theories/models and team exercises. Our group consists of twelve creative young entrepreneurs, selected by the Creative Region Linz. I will briefly summarize the first part of the workshop. X-Y theory … Read More

FYI – For Your Inspiration 2020

Yeah, I’ve got amazing great news – I am accepted for the FYI! The Creative Region in Linz supports me and eleven other young creatives in purposefully advancing our business. For Your Inspiration (FYI) stands for our workshop series for young entrepreneurs from the creative industries. As I started my business this year, this will be great input. In five … Read More

Children’s book illustrations

Like many other artists who are passionate about drawing, I’m a big fan of children’s book illustrations. So I always like to get in touch with people who have great ideas for a book. Nevertheless, they should not forget the business ulterior motive of realizing such a heart project. Although I get more and more requests for children’s book illustrations, … Read More

Self-awareness in silence

Spring 2020 is strangely silent. The calm before the storm? It’s time to focus, to become self-aware. Staying at home because of the pandemic means also a lot of thinking and worrying. As an artist, I’ve been feeling extremely useless and empty lately. Nevertheless, I always find new strength in some things that are still accessible to me. First, I … Read More

“Fish for Life” won Best Animation

The AnimationDingle Award for Best Animation is given this year to Fish for Life. Yesterday evening, the ceremony was live on youtube. Unfortunately, the festival was cancelled due to the public health & safety concerns in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. I planned this trip months ago to visit this awesome festival with my sister. In addition, we also wanted … Read More

Coronavirus impact

I can scarcely believe how fast a system that we rely on is breaking down because of the Coronavirus. It is now still only a few weeks since the big crisis came in Austria, and events move quickly these days. Triggered by a small virus in a bat whose natural habitat has been and certainly is still restricted by humans. … Read More

Prints also available on Redbubble

Hey ho, let’s go – an exclusive selection of my inked artwork is now also available at Redbubble! Feel free to visit my showcase here. Redbubble offers other products and really great stuff for your home. At the moment I offer my animal prints at Redbubble, but other artwork will follow. Since I’ve opened my Spreadshirt shop, I thought of … Read More

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