VFX shooting at the JKU

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Today I helped at the VFX shooting of my colleagues. My job was the audio recording. This wasn’t easy on this special day, because in Linz was the city marathon. Therefore, some helicopters were circling around the city. My best friend was amongst the runner – a fun coincidence, I think. Best conditions for running a marathon this day, but terrible for the audio. Fortunately, it was only a test shoot.

I often do the audio recording for various projects. It’s an interesting topic for me. Also, I loved the experience to be part of a VFX shooting, with a green wall and lots of tracking markers everywhere. My colleagues – a group of four people – are currently working on their master project. Vici, Elmar, Weisl and Philipp create a hybrid film with real video footage in combination of 3D objects.

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