ThrowAway prototype

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In this post, I’m gonna tell you about the prototype of our new animated short. We have to make our first big project in the winter semester 2014/15. The plan: a 2D animation (rotoscoping) of a dance performance with a socially critical aspect, the consuming frenzy. The phrase of a masterpiece? Who knows.


First thoughts

In Austria, according to a recent study, every third person is at risk Shopaholic. These people lose more and more control while shopping and hauling loads of things back home that are not needed. At the same time, we live in a throwaway society – where nothing has long value. With each new shirt and every new electronic device, the inner pain grows. It creates a short-term gratification.


Inmitten dieses Rausches stehe ich plötzlich da und es türmt sich vor mir ein Meer von Waren auf.

In the midst of this rush I stand there and suddenly it piles up in front of me a sea of goods.

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