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My cousin Nina and three schoolmates of her created a concept for a new app called talented. The four girls – Lara Drozda, Nina Gierlinger, Karla Oder, and Polina Pozdnyakova – thought about young talented writers for whom it is too difficult to get in touch with book publishers. Therefore, they had the idea of an app, which should make this contact easier. Their concept had already won the competition of the Vienna Business School. talented even got nominated for the European Entrepreneurship Award. Last week, the girls presented their idea and concept in Dublin.

I’m very proud of my cousin and her achievements. Also, I like their idea. Therefore, I supported them with some quick illustrations. You can see them above. If you’d like to find out more about the concept, visit their website.

The logo, the app design, the story behind the comic and the dialogues were developed by Nina and her team. I also absolutely adore the fact, that every figure in Nina’s conceptional drawings was female. That’s true girl power!

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