Stop-motion with wire

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The Magic of stop-motion caught me in the last months. It’s nearly unbelievable for someone who is new to this topic, that you need so much time for pre-production. Nevertheless, the work was a lot of fun to me so far. Currently, our team is working on the post-production – this includes image corrections and final editing.

The making-of

Here is some short Making of shown, made by the University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg.

Our team is shown at 02:41. The project is a short chain animation film with the topic refugees on their way to Austria. The animation will be based on a spoken text. The whole course of Analog Animation, this means 48 people, are working on this – in little teams of fours.

As you can see, our team has chosen wire as the medium. Our goal is to bring life in a human-shaped wire figure. Its walk through the image symbolizes the way of the refugee – to lose and find oneself in a new environment.

Team members

and me :)

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