Learning French

Learning French

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About a year ago, I started learning French by myself with an app. I’ve loved the sound of this language every since. Also, I’m a huge fan of French movies like Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain. So, however, the progress I made wasn’t very great, unfortunately. Frankly, I hadn’t had much time for other things during my studies.

In June I found a great teacher nearby where I live. Since then I’ve been taking lessons on a regular basis, about every week. I met Odile, an honest and charming native French woman. With her help, I’m able to make major improvements. Now, I’m looking forward to visiting France in the near future. Moreover, I’m looking for job opportunities in great studios in Paris or Lyon.

Yesterday, I began to translate my whole website in French. I’m not finished yet. Older blog entries will remain in English only. But every new post or portfolio item will be bilingual from now on.

The photo I use as the title image for this blog post is from Green Chameleon (unsplash).

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