Fish for Life has got selected two times

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This week our animated short Fish for Life has got two official selections. Festivals in Morocco and India notified me. I’m very happy and proud of this great success. Since June I’m submitting our final project to a lot of festivals all around the world. I think it’s very important to share such work with others and spread the message. The first festival announcement reached me on Sunday night.

Film international du Cinema et la Mer is focussing on the environment sea. The main theme is leaning towards promoting green ecology in cinematographic culture. I absolutely love that theme.

The second one is called Great Message International Film Festival. So, our animated short will celebrate another country premiere. This time in India. And the second festival has also a very beautiful thought. It wants to share films of humanity and society for younger generations. That’s beautiful, I’m very very flattered that Fish for Life will be part of these two festivals.

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