Luminale Frankfurt

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Yesterday I seek for some new inspiration at the Luminale. Around 200 lighting events turned Frankfurt into a city of light. The locations were showrooms, galleries, museums, churches, railway stations. There unusual places lighting designers, architects, artists, and initiatives present their innovative lighting projects. All in the name of Luminale, the eighth Biennial of Lighting Culture.   Got inspired It was an inspiring tour through Frankfurt. I met Anton Sahler, a great photographer and architect, who showed me his hometown … more

Hörmal-Kollektiv intern

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Currently, I’m working in Wiesbaden at the Hörmal-Kollektiv to gain practical experiences in 2D animation. The internship will take from March until the end of May 2016. It’s a pleasure to learn from Peter Ederer, who has been in the business for years. His main focus is on concept art, storyboarding and art direction. The animation studio creates music and animated films for German TV and companies. Area of responsibilities During my internship, I work on various projects for TV … more

delusion’s development

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Today we presented delusion‘s development, an animated short. This means the work of the 5th semester at the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg. First of all: the foreknown title Through the Woods changed to delusion. But that was some minor change in comparison to all the work we did the last month so far.   About delusion You wonder what’s the short film all about? As my colleague and fabulous sound designer Vici put the story short: Amazed by … more

Stop-motion with wire

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The Magic of stop-motion caught me in the last months. It’s nearly unbelievable for someone who is new to this topic, that you need so much time for pre-production. Nevertheless, the work was a lot of fun to me so far. Currently, our team is working on the post-production – this includes image corrections and final editing. The making-of Here is some short Making of shown, made by the University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg. Our team is shown at 02:41. … more

Acting for animators

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Currently, I’m reading the book ‘Acting for Animators’ from Ed Hooks. I was honored to experience one of his teaching lessons at the FMX Stuttgart this year. This man is very impressive! The heart of animation is the performance which is given by the animator. Therefore, the actor’s perspective is very important for making an impressive animation movie. Once again I was surprised about the huge differences between western animation style and the work from Hayao Miyazaki (Studio Ghibli). I … more

PRO4 presentation

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Today was the day of my presentation of this semester’s work. The project isn’t finished yet. But it will be continued. There are still a lot of problems, though. But I got positive feedback, that I’m very proud of. ‘Through the Woods’ means a lot to me. I love to realize great pieces of art. I’m fascinated by this ability to tell stories with animation and to bring illustrations alive.   Watch the movie To watch the animated short you … more

Walk cycle studies

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I’ve studied with excitement the effect of a walk cycle on my main character of my project for University (PRO4) in recent days in different variations. For the beginning scene, I’ve chosen a lightweight and free movement – a child who discovers the world with open mind and joy of nature. Below you could see my sketches of this first motion sequence. The look of the final outcome of this animated short changed afterwards. Nevertheless, it was a great experience … more

PRO4 animatic beginnings

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This video shows the animatic beginnings of my new project. It’s for the fourth semester at the University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg (pro4). At this point I’m at the very beginning of the animation. There is a lot of exciting and fascinating work to do. I can’t wait to continue to work on this project.     Some notes I don’t like the title In the Woods any more. Into the Woods is already used by Disney (Musical). Therewhile I … more

Collect inspirations

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A new semester has started, it’s time to collect inspirations. Because I have to develop a new project – PRO4, the project of the fourth semester.   Inspirations The 2D animation and their possibilities captivated me. I am motivated to improve it. So I’m moving in the footsteps of Disney and its great artist and animation designer. As long as I can remember, I am also influenced by Studio Ghibli. Princess Mononoke is still one of my favourite movies ever … more

ThrowAway presentation

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Today was the presentation of ThrowAway. Therefore, we’d presented the work of the 3rd semester at the FH Hagenberg, University of Applied Sciences. We are a team out of 4 students, who created an animated short. The subject throwaway society is shown in a dance of a young woman. The fast movements and changes represent our time, told in a catchy and easy way. Yet with a serious topic: the consumer boom is questioned. We decided to transport the topic … more

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