My blog will give you a little insight into my daily life and work in progress. There are some interferences with the artwork of my portfolio. Also, bigger projects have more blog entries, if they include more steps of a procedure.

The Female Figure in Marta Pajek’s Impossible Figures and Other Stories II – paper

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Two months ago I finished my paper about The Female Figure in Marta Pajek’s Impossible Figures and Other Stories II. The animated short focus the conflict between the rational and a subliminal sensitive meta-level based on sexuality, nature, and intuition. Metaphors and symbolism play an essential role, resulting in complex ways of interpreting. Because interpretation is subjective, my work gives … more

Da Opa hoid / Just Grandpa

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I am happy to present you the trailer of Da Opa hoid / Just Grandpa. The animated short is about the everyday confusion of a grandfather from the point of view of his granddaughter. Mina is always able to explain all his confused actions with the great imagination of a child.   Making of This film was done in the … more

delusion’s award and selections

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Victoria Wolfersberger and I are pleased about delusion‘s award and selections so far. Getting some positive response for our animated short is the best way to honor our work.   Selections delusion is one of the semi finalists of The Austrian Independent Film Festival. This festival is the biggest event for independent films in Austria. The festival shows international shorts, … more

FLY Film Festival 2017: official selection for ‘delusion’

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The animated short delusion is in the official selection of the FLY Film Festival 2017. This makes Victoria and me so proud, it’s a great honor to our work. We finished the 2d animated short in December 2016.   About the festival The FLY Film Festival is a 3-day film festival in Downtown Enid, Oklahoma. This year it will start … more

The Female Figure in ‘Impossible Figures and Other Stories II’

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Congratulations to the Grand Prix winner of the ITFS! The animated short Impossible Figures and Other Stories II truly deserved it. I had the great pleasure to watch this animated short the second time last week. (First, I’d seen it at the tricky women in Vienna, some weeks ago.) Furthermore, I visited the interviews afterward with the filmmaker Marta Pajek. … more

A mention in Andreas Steinhöfel’s blog

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This week I had the great honor to hear from one of my idols of the youth, Andreas Steinhöfel. The author emailed me and asked if he could publish some of my old storyboard pictures in his new blog entry. Steinhöfel wrote the novel ‘Die Mitte der Welt‘ (The Center of the World) 1998. I’ve adored this book ever since. … more

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