“Fish for Life” won Best Animation

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The AnimationDingle Award for Best Animation is given this year to Fish for Life. Yesterday evening, the ceremony was live on youtube. Unfortunately, the festival was cancelled due to the public health & safety concerns in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. I planned this trip months ago to visit this awesome festival with my sister. In addition, we also wanted … mehr

Coronavirus impact

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I can scarcely believe how fast a system that we rely on is breaking down because of the Coronavirus. It is now still only a few weeks since the big crisis came in Austria, and events move quickly these days. Triggered by a small virus in a bat whose natural habitat has been and certainly is still restricted by humans. … mehr

Prints also available on Redbubble

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Hey ho, let’s go – an exclusive selection of my inked artwork is now also available at Redbubble! Feel free to visit my showcase here. Redbubble offers other products and really great stuff for your home. At the moment I offer my animal prints at Redbubble, but other artwork will follow. Since I’ve opened my Spreadshirt shop, I thought of … mehr

My spreadshirt shop online!

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Great news – my very own spreadshirt shop is online! Now it’s possible to print an exclusive selection of my inked illustrations on organic clothes and bags. This makes unique gifts for you and your loved ones. I thought of expanding my love for personal gifts into my own online store. Organic products are very important to me because I … mehr

Self-employed filmmaker

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It’s official – since 3.1. 2020 I’m registered as a self-employed filmmaker at the WKO in Austria. I’m so overwhelmed and proud and also excited thinking of how I will handle future challenges. It’s a huge step for me and also my personal development, as I was always told that I couldn’t accomplish such risks associated with business ownership and … mehr

Fasting cure

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On Saturday I returned from the health resort hotel Curhaus Mühllacken where I did a fasting cure. It was a very exhausting, interesting and instructive week. Although I met some inspiring people, I was also seeking isolation. I felt deeply connected to nature and to myself. Every day I walked through the woods on trails along a little stream called … mehr

Fish for Life at the 2 Days Animation Festival

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Last week I took part at the 2 Days Animation Festival from Wednesday to Thursday. It was an amazing event, where I met a lot of really interesting and awesome people. Fish for Life has got an official selection. Therefore, Kerstin, Victoria and I visited the screening. We felt very honored and pleased to see our work at the Filmcasino … mehr

Fridays for Future

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Our environment is so essentially important, this is why I claim: Fridays for Future! In my opinion, there are still not enough people who recognize that. Everybody can do something to protect our environment, even little things make a difference if everybody makes them. I’m very frightened about climate change and all its effects on nature and living beings. I … mehr

Fish for Life has got selected two times

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This week our animated short Fish for Life has got two official selections. Festivals in Morocco and India notified me. I’m very happy and proud of this great success. Since June I’m submitting our final project to a lot of festivals all around the world. I think it’s very important to share such work with others and spread the message. The … mehr

Learning French

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About a year ago, I started learning French by myself with an app. I’ve loved the sound of this language every since. Also, I’m a huge fan of French movies like Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain. So, however, the progress I made wasn’t very great, unfortunately. Frankly, I hadn’t had much time for other things during my studies. In June … mehr

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