Fish for Life at the 2 Days Animation Festival

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Last week I took part at the 2 Days Animation Festival from Wednesday to Thursday. It was an amazing event, where I met a lot of really interesting and awesome people. Fish for Life has got an official selection. Therefore, Kerstin, Victoria and I visited the screening. We felt very honored and pleased to see our work at the Filmcasino in Vienna on Wednesday the 27th of November. Our animated short was screened in the first Austrian competition selection. We … more

Fridays for Future

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Our environment is so essentially important, this is why I claim: Fridays for Future! In my opinion, there are still not enough people who recognize that. Everybody can do something to protect our environment, even little things make a difference if everybody makes them. I’m very frightened about climate change and all its effects on nature and living beings. I want to set an example, so I signed the Artists for Future contract. Besides, I’ve already lived very ecology-minded in … more

Fish for Life has got selected two times

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This week our animated short Fish for Life has got two official selections of festivals in Morocco and India. I’m very happy and proud of this great success. Since June I’m submitting our final project to a lot of festivals all around the world because I think it’s very important to share such work with others and spread the message. The first festival announcement reached me on Sunday night. Film international du Cinema et la Mer is focussing on the … more

Learning French

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About a year ago, I started learning French by myself with an app. I’ve loved the sound of this language every since. Also, I’m a huge fan of French movies like Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain. So, however, the progress I made wasn’t very great, unfortunately. Frankly, I hadn’t had much time for other things during my studies. In June I found a great teacher nearby where I live. Since then I’ve been taking lessons on a regular basis, about … more

Animation tests

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Currently, I am working on a series of personal animation tests for my portfolio. In this case, I did some lip syncing. As a reference, I took a scene from the film Act Your Age. It was made in 1949, today it is in the public domain. About the Acting for my personal animation This scene shows Jim, an emotionally immature teen. He is a high school boy who gets lectured by the school principal because he is acting like … more

FMX and ITFS 2019

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Last week I visited the FMX and ITFS 2019. It was a great pleasure for me as it was the two times before. The FMX theme this year was Bridging the Gap between Art and Tech. I always love to see how other artists develop beautiful and inspiring concepts. I find it astonishing, how Aardman Animations are creating this historical blurred look of 11-11: Memories Retold. And I’ve fallen in love with the new work of LAIKA Missing Link, where … more

My business cards

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A few days ago my business cards arrived. I used different motives for the front side and only my basic data for the back. Because I love it clean and clear. The default motive shows my new self-portrait. Then I decided to use two of my ink artwork which I made for Inktober. At least I used two pictures of my current animated short Fish for Life as one variation. I will need my business cards next week at the … more

Interview with Michael Dudok de Wit

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With this posting – and a quick portrait – I would like to express my gratitude towards Michael Dudok de Wit. The filmmaker agreed to an interview for my master thesis about Nonverbal Expression in Animated Movies – as Timothy Reckart also did. The Red Turtle: No dialgue in 80 minutes Dudok de Wits film The Red Turtle has been a great inspiration for me. I absolutely adore his style. I was curious about the process of making a whole … more

Small support for VR game ‘Letzte Worte’

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This week my fellow students published their VR game Letzte Worte on steam. The story of the game is very profound. Matthias Patscheider, Samantha Povolny, and Bianca Zankl did a splendid good job! Fortunately, I was able to support this project a little bit. I did a few assets texturing with Substance Painter. I had a lot of fun to texture some kitchen stuff. Interested? You can find Letzte Worte on steam, it’s really worth to dig into this deep … more

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