Bachelor thesis completed

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I’ve completed my Bachelor thesis. Yeah!

It investigates the character animation in realistic, two-dimensional cartoon movies based on rotoscoped reference videos. The main focus is on the original aesthetics of rotoscoped images in combination with other techniques.

The theoretical part of my work aims to summarize fundamental backgrounds. Important representatives shall deliver insight into the use of this technique. Furthermore, the different use of rotoscopy will be analyzed at various examples from the last years. Which combinations of techniques are used and how is the achievement? What are the reasons to use rotoscopy and to what extent could character animation be improved?

The practical part deals with the own case study – a 2D animated short film. Based on theoretical knowledge the development of a hybrid character animation shall be explored. In order to appreciate the improvement of aesthetics, keyframe animation is used in combination with rotoscoped elements. Is there an added value to achieve? Difficulties and problems will be shown.

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