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Currently, I am working on a series of personal animation tests for my portfolio. In this case, I did some lip syncing. As a reference, I took a scene from the film Act Your Age. It was made in 1949, today it is in the public domain.

About the Acting for my personal animation

This scene shows Jim, an emotionally immature teen. He is a high school boy who gets lectured by the school principal because he is acting like a child. The story behind it is a bit silly, but the acting interested me, though. Especially the way the young fellow speaks through one side of his mouth as if he is chewing gum. Therefore, I tried my best to catch the impressions of emotions of him.


I created this personal animation in Autodesk Maya. I used the free character rig Ray from cgtarian. The animation works on 24 frames per second. Afterward, I rendered it with Arnold. In addition, I tried to work with an Arnold light setup too.

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