Acting for animators

Acting for animators

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Currently, I’m reading the book ‘Acting for Animators’ from Ed Hooks. I was honored to experience one of his teaching lessons at the FMX Stuttgart this year. This man is very impressive! The heart of animation is the performance which is given by the animator. Therefore, the actor’s perspective is very important for making an impressive animation movie.

Once again I was surprised about the huge differences between western animation style and the work from Hayao Miyazaki (Studio Ghibli). I prefer the soft tones from Miyazaki when it comes to beauty and art of animation.


The power center

One very important point for me was also to learn about the power center of a character. Everybody has this center – and by crossing the room, this point leads you. Usually, it’s a couple of inches below the navel. I think mine is in my chest, I got this attitude from my mother. Always head up and straight forward! Since I’ve read that, I look very closely to find the power center of everybody I meet, that’s very interesting – and you’ll learn a lot of the character of this person.

In conclusion, I love to study behind the scenes of making movies to get a professional result for my own work.

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