What’s about Lisa Mona to say? Well, my real name is Lisa M Gierlinger. I finished my master’s degree at the University of Applied Sciences, Upper Austria in February 2019. My focus is on the art of animation. So, I keep myself busy with storytelling, character design and how to make unique animated films.

I was born and raised in a little village in Upper Austria. Since childhood, I’d started as an avid doodler. I kept up with the drawing and went to Linz. There I studied graphic design at the HTL for Graphic- and Communication Design. (This is the Federal Secondary College of Engineering in Austria.) Upon graduation, I worked at several companies as a graphic designer and web developer. I am still very passionate about developing beautiful designs, based on my practical experience. Nevertheless, I discovered over the years that I do not hold strong views on advertisement stuff. This is why I decided to study again. I truly believe that the secret of success is to deeply love with all your heart what you’re creating.


I’m available for freelance work, as for illustration and art direction. Shoot me an email at art@lisa-mona.at if you’d like to discuss work or tell a good joke.

Jazzed about…

2d/3d animation, drawing people (portraits), character design, book illustrations, game art.