What’s about Lisa Mona to say? Well, my real name is Lisa M Gierlinger. Currently, I am doing my master’s degree at the University of Applied Sciences, Upper Austria. My focus is on animation design. I keep myself busy with storytelling, character design and how to make unique animated films. Since 2009 I have been working as a graphic designer. Therefore, I am passionate about developing beautiful designs, based on my practical experience.
I was born and raised in a little village in Upper Austria. Since childhood, I’d started as an avid doodler. I kept up with the drawing and went to Linz. There I studied graphic design at the HTL for Graphic- and Communication Design. (This is the Federal Secondary College of Engineering in Austria.) Upon graduation, I worked at different companies as a graphic designer and web developer.



I’m available for freelance design, illustration, and art direction. Shoot me an email at
art@lisa-mona.at if you’d like to discuss work or tell a good joke.


Jazzed about…

3D and 2D animation, drawing people (portraits), game art, character design, book illustrations