This online portfolio shows Lisa Mona’s art. Here are the answers to the following questions:

Who is Lisa Mona? What is her passion? On what projects is she currently working on?

First of all…

I am an artist from Austria. My name is Lisa M Gierlinger, but I call myself Lisa Mona. I’ve finished my master’s degree in Digital Arts 2019. My focus is on animation design. I keep myself busy with storytelling, character design and how to make a unique animated film.

Latest News

Personal animation tests
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Currently, I am working on a series of personal animation tests for my portfolio. In this case, I did some lip syncing. As a reference, I took a scene from the film Act Your Age. It was made in... more

FMX and ITFS 2019
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Last week I visited the FMX and ITFS 2019. It was a great pleasure for me as it was the two times before. The FMX theme this year was Bridging the Gap between Art and Tech. I always love... more

My business cards
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A few days ago my business cards arrived. I used different motives for the front side and only my basic data for the back. Because I love it clean and clear. The default motive shows my new self-portrait. Then... more

Interview with Michael Dudok de Wit
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With this posting – and a quick portrait – I would like to express my gratitude towards Michael Dudok de Wit. The filmmaker agreed to an interview for my master thesis about Nonverbal Expression in Animated Movies – as... more

Master of Arts
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Yesterday I completed my studies with a master’s degree at the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg, Upper Austria. Still, I can’t believe it. Amazing, how fast the time passed. I finished my Bachelor in 2016. Currently, I’m still... more

Small support for VR game ‘Letzte Worte’
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This week my fellow students published their VR game Letzte Worte on steam. The story of the game is very profound. Matthias Patscheider, Samantha Povolny, and Bianca Zankl did a splendid good job! Fortunately, I was able to support... more

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